In July of 2001 I (Peter McCourt) was able to visit Brno in the Czech republic which is where Gregor Mendel (1822-1884) did his Pea experiments to demonstrate that a gene was a discrete unit that could be mathematically followed from one generation to the next. If not for Mendel I think I would have been a Bartender rather than a geneticist so I had to pay homage to the Saint of APOG.

This is the original plot where Mendel did his pea experiments (above)
This is Joe Keiber and Peter McCourt trying to look professorial (above)
Here is Peter McCourt trying to look like his hero; Gregor (above)
This is the museum where they have Gregor's stuff. Unfortunately the abbot wants to close the museum to get more space for the monastary.(above)


Sojourn to Brno