The 1-celled colourless spores (conidia) are produced on short roughened or toothed branches of the vegetative filaments. Occasionally more distinct conidiophores may develop.

According to de Hoog (1993), species of Sporothrix have been reported as anamorphs of both ascomycetes and basidiomycetes. However, he believes the name should be restricted to those with ascomycetous relationships and refers the basidiomycetous ones to the genus Cerinosterus. Unfortunately, distinguishing Sporothrix from Cerinosterus with certainty requires an electron microscope or advanced biochemical techniques.

Isolated from soil, decaying plant materials, other fungi, insects, and air. Sometimes causing human disease. Holomorphs: Ophiostoma, Pseudeurotium, Thecotheus, Stephanoascus, Valsonectria, and others. Ref: de Hoog 1974, 1993