The brown conidiophores are united to form large complex cylindrical structures (synnemata) bearing a dense layer of annellides on the upper half. Curved to straight sterile hairs project out from among the annellides. The spores (conidia) are colourless to brown and are produced in chains from the tips of the annellides. Similar to Doratomyces.

Shoemaker and Kokko (1977) discussed four species, separable by the following key:

1. Sterile hairs straight - 2

1. Sterile curved or definitely wavy - 3

    2. Spores 8-9 X 3 - T. cyclindricus

    2. Spores 3.0-6.0 X 2.0-3.5 - T. terrophilus

3. Spores ashy grey in mass - T. gorgonifer

3. Spores yellow-brown in mass - T. spiralis

Occurring in soil, dung, and plant debris. Holomorph unknown. Ref: Ellis 1971; Shoemaker and Kokko 1977; Swart 1964