Why to join a new lab?
New labs are places where you will find lots of energy and excitement (and brand new equipment as well!). New faculty spend most of their time in the lab, so you will have a chance to learn directly from your PI. Also, you will contribute to the development of a totally new area of research.

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If you are interested in joining the lab, please contact:

Sergio Peisajovich, Assistant Professor
Department of Cell and Systems Biology
University of Toronto
25 Harbord Street, Room 332A
Toronto, ON, M5S 3G5, Canada

Tel (office): +1 (416) 978-2143
Tel (lab): +1 (416) 978-2308
Fax: +1 (416) 978-8532
Email: sergio.peisajovich@utoronto.ca


Prospective Graduate Students:

Contact sergio.peisajovich@utoronto.ca before applying to the CSB Graduate Program.

Prospective Postdoctoral Fellows:

Ask your graduate advisor to email a reference letter directly to sergio.peisajovich@utoronto.ca

Undergraduate Students:

Opportunities for 4th year research projects.